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Atmospheric Pressure and Weather Quiz Questions Online p. 64

Learn Atmospheric Pressure and Weather quiz questions and answers, atmospheric pressure and weather MCQ with answers PDF 64 to study O Level Physics course online. Pressure in Physics trivia questions, atmospheric pressure and weather Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Atmospheric Pressure and Weather Quiz" PDF Book: work in physics, introduction to waves, atmospheric pressure and weather test prep for online associates degree.

"Atmospheric pressure at sea level is" MCQ PDF: 1.013 × 104 pa, 1.013 × 10³ pa, 1.013 × 105 pa, and 1.013 × 106 pa for ACT prep classes. Study pressure in physics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online associates degree.

Quiz on Atmospheric Pressure & Weather MCQs

MCQ: Atmospheric pressure at sea level is

1.013 × 10³ Pa
1.013 × 104 Pa
1.013 × 105 Pa
1.013 × 106 Pa

MCQ: A pendulum bob is a good example of

Periodic motion

MCQ: A plane flies a distance of 5000 m with the work done of 25000 J, the force applied is

20000 N
30000 N
125000 N
5 N

MCQ: Sound is a bad example of

transverse waves
longitudinal waves
both transverse and longitudinal waves
none of the waves

MCQ: Presence of impurities in a substance

lowers its melting point
raises its melting point
lowers its boiling point
has no effect on its melting point or boiling point