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Measuring Time Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 169

Practice Measuring Time quiz questions and answers PDF, measuring time MCQ with answers to solve O level physics worksheet 169 for online past papers exam. Practice "Measurements in Physics" quiz questions with answers, measuring time Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free measuring time MCQs, introduction to forces, solid friction: viscosity, physical quantities and si unit, temperature scales, measuring time test prep for best online GRE prep class.

"Time is calibrated using the oscillation of", measuring time Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices cesium atom, rubidium atom, strontium atom, and uranium atom for ACT test. Learn measurements in physics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for two year online colleges. Measuring Time Video

Quiz on Measuring Time PDF Download eBook

Measuring Time Quiz

MCQ: Time is calibrated using the oscillation of

  1. Rubidium atom
  2. Cesium atom
  3. Strontium Atom
  4. Uranium atom


Temperature Scales Quiz

MCQ: E.M.F is an abbreviation for

  1. Electronic Manufacturing Factories
  2. Electro Magnetic Force
  3. Electro Motive Force
  4. Electro Magnetic Function


Physical Quantities and SI Unit Quiz

MCQ: Quantities other than base quantities are termed as

  1. Derived quantities
  2. Base quantities
  3. Professional quantities
  4. Energetic quantities


Solid Friction: Viscosity Quiz

MCQ: Dimensions of coefficient of viscosity are

  1. [M] [L] [T]-2
  2. [M]-1 [L]-1 [T]²
  3. [M] [L]-1 [T]-1
  4. it's a dimensionless quantity


Introduction to Forces Quiz

MCQ: Frictional force and resistant force are types of

  1. Contact force
  2. Electrical force
  3. Magnetic force
  4. Tension