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Density: O Level Physics Quiz Answers PDF Download - 117

The e-Book Density O Level Physics Quiz Questions and Answers, density o level physics MCQ questions PDF chapter 9-117 to download online courses, o level physics tests. Solve Mass, Weight and Density MCQ questions, density o level physics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Density: O Level Physics Tests" App Download: density: o level physics, forces and motion, pressure of gases, temperature scales, scalar and vector test prep for SAT practice test.

The MCQ Quiz "Volume of glass is 15 m³ and its density is about 2500 kg m-3, its mass would be" PDF, Density: O Level Physics App APK Download with 37500 kg, 3750 kg, 4 × 10-4, and 375 kg choices for online college courses. Study mass, weight and density questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for 2 year online degrees.

Physics: Density: O Level Physics MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Volume of glass is 15 m³ and its density is about 2500 kg m-3, its mass would be

A) 3750 kg
B) 37500 kg
C) 4 × 10-4
D) 375 kg

MCQ: A bus of mass 20000 kg accelerates from rest to 40 m s-2 in 10 seconds. The forward thrust of the car is

A) 500 N
B) 19960 N
C) 80000 N
D) 50 N

MCQ: 1 atmosphere is equal to

A) 76 cm Hg
B) 76 cm H2O
C) 76 cm MgO
D) 76 cm Oil

MCQ: If an unmarked mercury thermometer has l100 38 cm and l0 is 8 cm, if the lθ is 5 cm the temperature of the thermometer would be

A) −10 °C
B) −20 °C
C) −30 °C
D) −40 °C

MCQ: Speed is a

A) Scalar quantity
B) Vector quantity
C) Base quantity
D) Derived quantity

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