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Vitamins and Minerals MCQ with Answers PDF

Vitamins and Minerals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Vitamins and Minerals quiz answers PDF to learn o level biology online course for o level biology classes. Nutrition in Plants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Vitamins and Minerals quiz questions for free online college courses. "Vitamins and Minerals Book" PDF: conditions essential for photosynthesis, photolysis, photosynthesis in plants test prep for best online SAT prep class.

"In a carbon (C) free solution of minerals, plants" MCQ PDF: vitamins and minerals with choices cannot grow, can grow well, will loose their green color, and will die for free online college courses. Learn vitamins and minerals quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for ACT test prep classes.

MCQs on Vitamins and Minerals Quiz

MCQ: In a carbon (C) free solution of minerals, plants

cannot grow
can grow well
will loose their green color
will die

MCQ: Vitamins can be soluble in

fat only
water only
fat and water

MCQ: Water-soluble vitamins need to be supplied


MCQ: Dissolved substances such as minerals, amino acids and sugars are found in

Cell sap

MCQ: The property of fat-soluble vitamins is, it can be

lost daily
lost weekly
lost fortnightly
stored in the body for later use