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Pollution: Sewage as Cause Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 263

Solve Pollution Sewage as Cause multiple choice questions and answers, pollution sewage as cause quiz answers PDF 263 to learn O Level Biology course for college certification. Learn Effects of Human Activity on Ecosystem MCQ trivia questions, pollution sewage as cause Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Pollution: Sewage as Cause MCQ PDF: parasitism: malarial pathogen, oxygen debt, hormones: endocrine glands, oesophagus, pollution: sewage as cause test prep for accelerated bachelors degree online.

"Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3) are produced from", pollution sewage as cause Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices use of chlorofluorocarbon in foam packaging, the chimneys of factories, decomposition of organic compounds by anaerobic bacteria, and treatment of acidic wastes with alkalis for ACT practice test. Solve effects of human activity on ecosystem questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for ACT test.

Pollution: Sewage as Cause Questions and Answers MCQs


Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3) are produced from

the chimneys of factories
use of chlorofluorocarbon in foam packaging
decomposition of organic compounds by anaerobic bacteria
treatment of acidic wastes with alkalis


Oesophagus is also called as



Diarrhea is caused due to

increase in blood flow
increase in rate of peristalsis
decrease in rate of peristalsis
decrease in blood flow


In respiration oxygen debt refers to the amount of

oxygen required for oxidation
oxygen lent to other muscles
oxygen required to oxidize lactic acid
oxygen required in rigorous running and physical activities


In ecosystem ,Pupa survives through

feeding through the water
feeding through the proboscis
the food accumulated in the larva stage
caudal flaps

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