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Spinal Cord and Nerves Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Solve Spinal cord and nerves trivia questions and answers PDF, spinal cord and nerves multiple choice questions and answers PDF 95 to learn O level biology worksheet 95 for online board exam 2021. Practice "Co-ordination and Response Nervous System in Mammals" quiz with answers, spinal cord and nerves Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free spinal cord and nerves MCQs, free online biology, what is selective reabsorption, caecum and chyle, heat loss prevention, spinal cord and nerves test prep for free online classes.

"Ventral root of spinal cord", spinal cord and nerves Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices contains only effector neurons, contains only receptor neurons, ends in white matter, and are attached to the medulla oblongata for two year online colleges. Learn co-ordination and response nervous system in mammals questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for GRE prep classes.

Spinal Cord & Nerves Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Spinal Cord and Nerves Quiz

MCQ: Ventral root of spinal cord

  1. contains only receptor neurons
  2. contains only effector neurons
  3. ends in white matter
  4. are attached to the medulla oblongata


Heat Loss Prevention Quiz

MCQ: Prevention of heat loss is more efficient in

  1. women
  2. men
  3. children
  4. people doing very heavy work


Caecum & Chyle Quiz

MCQ: Appendix and caecum are characteristic features of

  1. omnivores
  2. herbivores
  3. carnivores
  4. producers


What is Selective Reabsorption Quiz

MCQ: In selective reabsorption, water is retained through

  1. concentration gradient
  2. blood pressure
  3. osmosis
  4. active transport


Free Online Biology Quiz

MCQ: Plants can be called as

  1. autotrophs
  2. photoautotroph
  3. heterotrophy
  4. chemoautotrophs