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GCE Biology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), GCE Biology quiz answers PDF with o level biology career tests for online courses. Practice what are enzymes Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), GCE Biology quiz questions for online college for teaching degree. GCE Biology Interview Questions: effects of ph on enzymes, classification of enzymes test prep for online associates degree.

"Enzymes are largely composed of" MCQ PDF on gce biology with choices fat, carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals for online college for teaching degree. Practice gce biology quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best SAT prep courses online.

MCQs on GCE Biology Quiz

MCQ: Enzymes are largely composed of


MCQ: In nutrition , detoxication means

removal of toxins through egestion
removal of toxins through excretion
conversion of toxins into harmless substances
using toxins to kill pathogenic bacteria

MCQ: In plants, venation refers to transporting food

for storage
in shoot
through vein network
through phloem

MCQ: In case of malnutrition, the basic body needs are met through the consumption of stored

fats and glucose
fats and glycogen
starch and cellulose

MCQ: Function of myoglobin is to

prevent swollen joints
aid in muscular contraction
aid in blood clotting
keeps retina intact

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