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Microorganisms MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Microorganisms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), microorganisms quiz answers PDF worksheet, O level biology practice test for online courses. Learn microorganisms and applications in biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Microorganisms" quiz questions and answers for best GRE prep courses online. Learn biotechnology and fermentation products: biology, fungi: o level biology, viruses: biochemical parasites test prep for SAT practice test.

"In microbiology, Prion is not" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on microorganisms with choices living cell, heat resistant, found in man, and single cell protein for best GRE prep courses online. Practice microorganisms quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for ACT test.

MCQs on Microorganisms PDF Download eBook

MCQ: In microbiology, Prion is not

  1. living cell
  2. heat resistant
  3. found in man
  4. single cell protein


MCQ: Micro-organisms do not include

  1. mushrooms
  2. molds
  3. bacteria
  4. fungi


MCQ: Motile-bacterium moves with the help of a

  1. whip
  2. tail
  3. flagellum
  4. wings


MCQ: To transfer genes from one species to another, especially useful are

  1. vectors only
  2. plasmids only
  3. double stranded DNA molecules
  4. vectors and plasmids


MCQ: Microorganisms are commonly known as

  1. germs only
  2. microbes only
  3. gametes
  4. germs and microbes