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Blood Pressures MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Blood Pressures Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), blood pressures quiz answers PDF worksheet, O level biology practice test for online courses. Learn transport in mammals Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Blood Pressures" quiz questions and answers for best online ACT prep class. Learn mode of action of heart, heart: o level biology test prep for online degree programs.

"Blood pressure is highest near the" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on blood pressures with choices pulmonary veins, vena cava, aortic arch, and ventricular diastole for best online ACT prep class. Practice blood pressures quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best accredited online colleges.

MCQs on Blood Pressures PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Blood pressure is highest near the

  1. pulmonary veins
  2. vena cava
  3. aortic arch
  4. ventricular diastole


MCQ: Blood pressure reaches 0mm of mercury in

  1. ventricular systole
  2. ventricular diastole
  3. vena cava just before it opens in right atrium of heart
  4. vena cave just before it opens in left atrium of heart


MCQ: Atherosclerosis can be avoided through

  1. more of saturated animal fats
  2. poly unsaturated plant fats
  3. more of smoking
  4. a stress full and busy job


MCQ: If the artery walls become thick and hard, the condition is called as

  1. angina
  2. arteriosclerosis
  3. atherosclerosis
  4. heart attack


MCQ: Angina pectoris means

  1. chest pains
  2. narrowing of lumen
  3. dilatation of arteries
  4. abnormal deposits of fatty materials