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Electron Transport Chain MCQ Quiz PDF Download

Learn Electron Transport Chain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Electron Transport Chain quiz answers PDF to learn medical biochemistry course for medical biochemistry online classes. Biological Oxidation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Electron Transport Chain quiz questions . Electron Transport Chain Book PDF: electron transport chain, oxidative phosphorylation test prep .

"The enzymes present in the mitochondrial matrix are responsible for all except" MCQ PDF: electron transport chain App APK with water, electron, atp, and adp choices . Study electron transport chain quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs .

MCQ on Electron Transport Chain Quiz

MCQ: The enzymes present in the mitochondrial matrix are responsible for all except


MCQ: The mitochondrial matrix is rich in

Citric acid cycle
Beta oxidation of the fatty acids
Oxidation of amino acids
Degradation of nucleic acids

MCQ: The mitochondria are termed as

Outer mitochondrial membrane
Inner mitochondrial membrane
None of above

MCQ: The mobile electron carriers in the respiratory chain are

B complex
Ascorbic acid

MCQ: The centre for the metabolic oxidative reactions is

Power house of cell
Replicating organ
Site for oxidative reactions
All of above