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Un saturated Fat Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 142

Practice Un saturated Fat quiz questions and answers, un saturated fat MCQs with answers PDF to solve MCAT worksheet 142 for online graduate programs. Learn "Metabolism of Fatty Acids and Proteins" quiz questions with answers, un saturated fat Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve MCAT biology test with answers for online university degrees. Free un saturated fat MCQs, uncompetitive inhibition, le chateliers principle, dna binding proteins and transcription factors, meiosis and mitosis difference, un saturated fat test prep for online high school college acceptance.

"If the hydrogen atoms are present on the same side of double bond than it is called a", un saturated fat Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices cis isomer, trans isomer, and iso isomer for online MCAT prep classes. Learn metabolism of fatty acids and proteins questions and answers with free online certification courses for MCAT online course.

Quiz on Un saturated Fat PDF Download eBook

Un saturated Fat Quiz

MCQ: If the hydrogen atoms are present on the same side of double bond than it is called a

  1. trans isomer
  2. cis isomer
  3. both A and B
  4. Iso isomer


Meiosis and Mitosis Difference Quiz

MCQ: The chromosome number in meiosis is

  1. doubled
  2. reduced by half
  3. reduced by 2
  4. increased by 3


DNA Binding Proteins and Transcription Factors Quiz

MCQ: The group of proteins that read and interpret genetic "blueprint" in DNA are called as

  1. translation factors
  2. replication factors
  3. transcriptional factors
  4. none of above


Le Chateliers Principle Quiz

MCQ: Whenever the system's equilibrium is disturbed it will adjust itself in a way that the effect of change will be

  1. increased
  2. decreased
  3. remains same
  4. nullified


Uncompetitive Inhibition Quiz

MCQ: Decreasing Vmax in uncompetitive inhibition also decreases

  1. Km
  2. ko
  3. Vo
  4. both A and B