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Un saturated Fat MCQ with Answers PDF Download eBook

Un saturated Fat Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice un saturated fat quiz answers PDF, MCAT worksheets for online degrees. Solve metabolism of fatty acids and proteins Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Un saturated Fat" quiz questions PDF for job assessment test. Learn digestion and mobilization of fatty acids, un saturated fat, saturated fats, mcat: fatty acids test prep for grad school interview questions.

"Unsaturated fats have" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on un saturated fat with choices low melting points, high melting points, high boiling points, and melts at room temperature for job assessment test. Solve un saturated fat quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for employment assessment test.

MCQs on Un saturated Fat PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Unsaturated fats have

  1. low melting points
  2. high melting points
  3. high boiling points
  4. melts at room temperature


MCQ: Oleic acid is an example of

  1. saturated fat
  2. unsaturated fat
  3. Neutral fatty acids
  4. Inert fatty acids


MCQ: If a fatty acid contains one double bond than it is

  1. monounsaturated
  2. Monosaturated
  3. diunsaturated
  4. desaturated


MCQ: Double bonds are formed when hydrogen atoms are

  1. added
  2. doesn't change
  3. eliminated
  4. Inserted


MCQ: Antioxidants can protect unsaturated fats from

  1. lipid reduction
  2. lipid oxidation
  3. lipid per reduction
  4. lipid peroxidation