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Learn Statistical Analysis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Statistical Analysis quiz answers PDF to study mba statistics online course for mba statistics classes. Data and Statistics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Statistical Analysis quiz questions for accelerated MBA programs. "Statistical Analysis MCQ" PDF Book: measures of location, data elements, variables and observations test prep for affordable online MBA programs.

"Generated correlation between two variables expresses the" MCQ PDF: statistical analysis with choices strength of relationship, degree of freedom, dependency of relationship, and ratio of dependency relation for accelerated MBA programs. Study statistical analysis quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs .

MCQs on Statistical Analysis Quiz

MCQ: Generated correlation between two variables expresses the

Strength of relationship
Degree of freedom
Dependency of relationship
Ratio of dependency relation

MCQ: The measure of coefficient of variance is

Unit oriented
Weight oriented
Mean oriented

MCQ: If the output of correlation generates a negative value, the two associated variable are

Minimal correlated
Negatively correlated
Positively correlated
Highly correlated

MCQ: Positive value of correlation means the two associated variable are

Highly correlated
Minimal correlated
Positively correlated
Negatively correlated

MCQ: Any change in scale is considered to effect the

Mean value
Median value