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Marketing of Product Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download 32

Learn marketing of product quiz questions to learn MBA online for business management degree, MBA test prep 32 for distance education courses with brand marketing test and MCQs. College and universitiy courses MCQs, , rules of capital, financial risk, direct foreign investment, portfolio, marketing of product test prep for most affordable online MBA programs.

"The procedure of communicating the worth of a manufactured goods or service to clients, for the reason of selling that manufactured goods or service is", marketing of product Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices finance, marketing, human resources, and information technology to learn online training courses. For admission and scholarhsips' exams, learn brand marketing multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Marketing of Product Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook 32

Marketing of Product Quiz

procedure of communicating worth of a manufactured goods or service to clients, for reason of selling that manufactured goods or service is

  1. marketing
  2. finance
  3. human Resources
  4. information Technology


Portfolio Quiz

most favourable portfolio is proficient portfolio with the

  1. lowest risk
  2. highest risk
  3. highest utility
  4. least investment


Direct Foreign Investment Quiz

nations that have major economic expansion attract

  1. imports
  2. direct foreign investment
  3. exports
  4. privatization


Financial Risk Quiz

ambiguity introduced by way by which organization finances its investments is

  1. country risk
  2. liquidity risk
  3. financial risk
  4. business risk


Rules of Capital Quiz

Mutually or equally using an asset by taking twists under conditions where partners or joint vendors are on superior stipulations is

  1. musharika intifa
  2. musharika
  3. ijarah
  4. hibah