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Introduction to International Relations Prep Tests

Introduction to International Relations Tests

Two World Wars, 1900-1950 MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The e-Book Two World Wars, 1900-1950 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Two World Wars, 1900-1950 quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, introduction to international relations tests. Study Globalization of Internationals Relations Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Two World Wars, 1900-1950 quiz questions for online university courses. The e-Book "Two World Wars, 1900-1950 MCQ" App Download: post cold war era 1990-2010, two world wars, 1900-1950, dominance, post cold war era 1990-2007 test prep for schools that offer certificate programs.

The MCQ "Who perform a swift offensive using the railroads to rush force to the front?" PDF, Two World Wars, 1900-1950 App Download (Free) with germany, europe, united nation, and greece choices for online university courses. Practice two world wars, 1900-1950 quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for distance learning programs.

International Relations: Two World Wars, 1900-1950 MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Who perform a swift offensive using the railroads to rush force to the front?

A) Germany
B) Europe
C) United Nation
D) Greece

MCQ: The international community and league of nation to aggression by fascist regime were Spain was emboldened by?

A) Woodrow Wilson
B) Hitler
C) J. Bush
D) IR scholar

MCQ: Which war symbolizes the tragic irrationality of war?

A) World War I
B) World War II
C) Cold War
D) World War III

MCQ: The United Sates joined World War II against Germany in

A) 1924
B) 1942
C) 1967
D) 1989

MCQ: World War I, Japan gained some German colonies in

A) Africa
B) Middle East
C) Asia
D) America

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