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Backing Stores Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 78

Practice Backing Stores trivia questions and answers, backing stores quiz answers PDF to solve computer fundamentals mock test 78 for online degrees. Practice "Storage Devices and Media" trivia questions and answers, backing stores Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve computer test with answers for online college classes. Free backing stores MCQs, storage and handling of files, data types and structures, databases and data banks, two states and characters, backing stores test prep for best online schools for computer science.

"Serial or direct access occurs in", backing stores Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices permanent store, temporary store, backing store, and erasable store for CS major. Learn storage devices and media questions and answers with free online certification courses for applied computer science.

Trivia Quiz on Backing Stores PDF Download eBook

Backing Stores Quiz

MCQ: Serial or direct access occurs in

  1. temporary store
  2. permanent store
  3. backing store
  4. erasable store


Two States and Characters Quiz

MCQ: The system which stores data in states such as '0' and '1' is called

  1. binary digit
  2. bit
  3. bytes
  4. characters


Databases and Data Banks Quiz

MCQ: Library related to database files or data is classified as

  1. data bank
  2. file bank
  3. database bank
  4. organized bank


Data Types and Structures Quiz

MCQ: Number of subscript which is attached to every element in array is classified as

  1. number of subscript
  2. number of superscripts
  3. number of dimensions
  4. number of high scripts


Storage and Handling of Files Quiz

MCQ: Portion of directory which can be accessed separately is classified as

  1. directory part
  2. sub directory
  3. proof directory
  4. disc directory