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Computer Systems Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 64

Practice Computer Systems quiz questions and answers, computer systems MCQs with answers PDF to solve computer fundamentals worksheet 64 for online graduate programs. Practice "Using Computers to Solve Problems" quiz questions with answers, computer systems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve computer test with answers for online college classes. Free computer systems MCQs, use of keyboards, computer architecture and organization, printers for computer printing, multi access system, computer systems test prep to learn free online courses.

"General program that is used to help users and work as an interface between computer and users is called", computer systems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices software, hardware, programs, and computer peripherals for information and communication technology. Learn using computers to solve problems questions and answers with free online certification courses for top computer science schools in the world.

Quiz on Computer Systems PDF Download eBook

Computer Systems Quiz

MCQ: General program that is used to help users and work as an interface between computer and users is called

  1. hardware
  2. software
  3. programs
  4. computer peripherals


Multi Access System Quiz

MCQ: Type of processing system which is not concentrated at single place is classified as

  1. distributed processing
  2. interactive processing
  3. responsive processing
  4. controlled processing


Printers for Computer Printing Quiz

MCQ: The 'ink-jet printers or 'band printers are classified as

  1. character printer
  2. ink printers
  3. line printers
  4. of band printer


Computer Architecture and Organization Quiz

MCQ: Type of access in which records are chosen in an order is classified as

  1. timed access file
  2. random access file
  3. direct access file
  4. sequential access file


Use of Keyboards Quiz

MCQ: Keyboards can be used for

  1. on-line data entry
  2. key to disc data entry
  3. off-line preparation
  4. all of above