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Atlantic Ocean Facts Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 73

The e-Book Atlantic Ocean Facts Quiz Questions, atlantic ocean facts quiz answers PDF download, test 73 to study online general knowledge degree courses. Practice Oceans of World MCQ with answers PDF, Atlantic Ocean Facts Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Atlantic Ocean Facts Quiz App Download: Free learning app for william ramsay, alexander graham bell, pacific ocean facts, refrigeration, atlantic ocean facts test prep for online colleges enrolling.

The Quiz Larger basins of North Atlantic Ocean includes: brazil basins, guiana basins, cape basins and angola basins with "Atlantic Ocean Facts" App Download (Free) for high school entrance exam. Solve oceans of world questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for free career quiz.

General Knowledge Quiz: Atlantic Ocean Facts MCQs PDF Download - 73

MCQ 361: Larger basins of North Atlantic Ocean includes

A) Guiana basins
B) Brazil basins
C) Cape basins
D) Angola basins

MCQ 362: Who is known as 'Father Of Refrigeration'?

A) Oliver Evans
B) Jacob Perkins
C) John Gorrie
D) William C. Durant

MCQ 363: The world's largest belt of volcanoes is known as

A) Pacific Line of Fire
B) Arctic Ring of Fire
C) Pacific Ring of Fire
D) Atlantic Ring of Fire

MCQ 364: Alexander Graham Bell awarded US patent for his invention of

A) telescope
B) telephone
C) telegraph
D) fluoroscope

MCQ 365: Who discovered noble gases

A) Niels Bohr
B) Francis Crick
C) William Ramsay
D) Hermann Emil Fischer

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