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International Labor Organization Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 72

International Labor Organization interview questions and answers, international labor organization trivia questions PDF 72 to practice General Knowledge exam questions for online classes. Practice International Organizations MCQ questions, international labor organization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. International Labor Organization Interview Questions: human skeleton functions, albert einstein, solar and lunar eclipse, united nations conference on trade and development, international labor organization test prep for online college admission.

"United Nations agency which deals with labor standards, social protection, and working opportunities is" MCQ PDF with choices international law organization, international corporation of law, international workforce recruiters, and international labor organization for job assessment test. Solve international organizations questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for college entrance test.

Trivia Quiz on International Labor Organization MCQs

MCQ: United Nations agency which deals with labor standards, social protection, and working opportunities is

International Corporation of Law
International Law Organization
International Workforce Recruiters
International Labor Organization

MCQ: Headquarter of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development is located in


MCQ: The Eclipse which occurs when Earth passes between Moon and the Sun is classified as

Star eclipse
Ariel Eclipse
Lunar eclipse
Solar eclipse

MCQ: Albert Einstein died in


MCQ: All the movement of the human body is coordinated and controlled by

axial system
nervous system
vertebral system
skeletal muscles

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