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Practice Igneous Rocks interview questions and answers, igneous rocks trivia questions PDF 75 to learn online General Knowledge course for online classes. Types of Rocks MCQ questions, igneous rocks Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Igneous Rocks Quiz PDF eBook: andromeda galaxy, programmable computer, unicef, sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks test prep for college admission test.

"Non-essential minerals present in igneous rocks are classified as" MCQ PDF: accessory minerals, intrusive minerals, smoker minerals, and white minerals to apply to colleges online. Solve types of rocks questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for high school entrance exam.

Trivia Quiz on Igneous Rocks MCQs

MCQ: Non-essential minerals present in igneous rocks are classified as

intrusive minerals
accessory minerals
smoker minerals
white minerals

MCQ: Sedimentary rocks that are formed in arid climates are classified as

fossil beds
oxide beds
red beds
iron beds

MCQ: The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) was created by

United Nations Development Council
United Nations Development Group
United Nations Security Council
United Nations General Assembly

MCQ: First freely programmable computer in the world was built in


MCQ: The Shape of the Andromeda galaxy is

cross sectional S-shaped warp

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