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Bulb Invention MCQ Questions and Answers PDF - 224

The e-Book Bulb Invention MCQ Questions, bulb invention quiz answers PDF download, test 224 to learn online general knowledge degree programs. Solve Technology Inventions Test PDF, Bulb Invention Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Bulb Invention MCQ Quiz App Download: Free certification app for the united nations, world bank, human skeleton division, africa continent, bulb invention test prep for job placement test.

The MCQ Quiz Primary inventor of the carbon-filament light bulb is: thomas edison, mary anderson, george antheil and victor adler with "Bulb Invention" App APK Download (Free) for employment assessment test. Study technology inventions questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample to enroll in online colleges.

General Knowledge Tests Online: Bulb Invention Quiz PDF Download - 224

MCQ 1116: Primary inventor of the carbon-filament light bulb is

A) Mary Anderson
B) Thomas Edison
C) George Antheil
D) Victor Adler

MCQ 1117: Largest country of second largest continent Africa in terms of area is

A) Libya
B) Algeria
C) Sudan
D) Congo

MCQ 1118: Division of skeleton which is composed of pelvic girdle, pectoral girdle and bones of lower and upper limbs is known as

A) axial skeleton
B) appendicular skeleton
C) perpendicular skeleton
D) transcription skeleton

MCQ 1119: International financial institution 'World Bank' was founded in

A) October, 1948
B) April, 1949
C) July, 1944
D) May, 1945

MCQ 1120: Headquarter of United Nations (UN) is located in

A) Washington
B) Nairobi
C) Geneva
D) New York City

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