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Atomic Theory Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook

Atomic Theory quiz questions, atomic theory multiple choice questions and answers PDF 50 to learn general knowledge course for online certification. Practice Technology Inventions quiz with answers, atomic theory Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online college classes. Free atomic theory MCQs, international monetary fund, facebook invention, ozone layer depletion, eukaryotic organelles, atomic theory test prep for job assessment test.

"Atomic theory was developed by John Dalton in", atomic theory Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices 1806, 1803, 1805, and 1808 for online colleges enrolling. Learn technology inventions questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online career assessment. Atomic Theory Video

Atomic Theory Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Atomic Theory Quiz

MCQ: Atomic theory was developed by John Dalton in

  1. 1803
  2. 1806
  3. 1805
  4. 1808


Eukaryotic Organelles Quiz

MCQ: Organelles which generates energy for the cell are

  1. chloroplasts and mitochondria
  2. cytoplasm and vacuoles
  3. lysosomes and centrosome
  4. nucleus and cytoskeleton


Ozone Layer Depletion Quiz

MCQ: Chemical substance used in industry for cold cleaning, is known as

  1. methyl chloroform
  2. carbon tetrachloride
  3. halons
  4. hydrocarbons


FaceBook Invention Quiz

MCQ: The Facebook was made in

  1. 2004
  2. 2006
  3. 2005
  4. 2003


International Monetary Fund Quiz

MCQ: The International Monetary Fund is classified as

  1. intergovernmental organization
  2. international organization
  3. interregional organization
  4. One state organization