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Types of Financial Institutions MCQ with Answers PDF

Types of Financial Institutions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Types of Financial Institutions quiz answers PDF with financial markets live worksheets for online degrees. Solve introduction to financial markets Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Types of Financial Institutions quiz questions for online bachelor's degree in business management. Types of Financial Institutions MCQ PDF: risk management and financial institutions, money market and capital market, foreign exchange markets test prep to learn online certificate courses.

"The stocks or shares that are sold to investors without transacting through financial institutions are classified as" MCQ PDF on types of financial institutions with choices direct transfer, indirect transfer, global transfer, and pension transfer for online bachelor's degree in business management. Solve types of financial institutions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online business degree.

MCQs on Types of Financial Institutions Quiz

MCQ: The stocks or shares that are sold to investors without transacting through financial institutions are classified as

direct transfer
indirect transfer
global transfer
pension transfer

MCQ: The transfer of financial instruments from suppliers of funds to users of funds without any intermediary in between is classified as

global transfer
pension transfer
direct transfer
indirect transfer

MCQ: The institutions deal in financial functions and protects corporations and individuals against accidents, theft and death are considered as

penalty companies
insurance companies
events dealers
protecting companies

MCQ: The type of institutions that write securities, engage in brokerage and security trading are considered as

trading institutions
activity institutions
investment banks
mortgage banks

MCQ: The financial intermediaries offering savings plan to individuals and funds are exempted from taxation are considered as

trading funds
penalty funds
pension funds
global funds

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