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Bond Market Securities Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Bond Market Securities quiz answers PDF with financial markets career tests for online courses. Practice bond markets Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Bond Market Securities quiz questions for online BBA courses. Bond Market Securities Interview Questions: treasury bonds, types of international bonds, convertible bond analysis, convertible bonds test prep for business administration bachelor degree online.

"The bonds that are backed by cash flow from project and are sold to finance particular project are classified as" MCQ PDF on bond market securities with choices finance bonds, revenue bonds, financing bonds, and project bonds for online BBA courses. Practice bond market securities quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online business management degree.

MCQs on Bond Market Securities Quiz

MCQ: The bonds that are backed by cash flow from project and are sold to finance particular project are classified as

finance bonds
revenue bonds
financing bonds
project bonds

MCQ: The source of funds for the repayment of municipal bonds is considered as

local tax and revenue
global tax and revenue
print notes
commercial notes

MCQ: The current selling price of the municipal bonds available to bond holders is used to calculate

yield to income tax
yield to municipal bonds
yield to tax rate
yield to revenue bonds

MCQ: The bonds that does not pay any interest rate are considered as

interest free bond
zero coupon bond
price less coupon bond
useless price bonds

MCQ: The coupon payment accrued between last payment and settlement date is classified as

paid interest
unpaid interest
zero interest
accrued interest

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