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FAQ: General Knowledge Facts about Science PDF Download eBook p. 20

Practice "General Knowledge Facts about Science" quiz PDF to solve college courses test 20 for medical and nursing interview questions. General knowledge facts about science to solve general knowledge quiz with answers for free career test.

"Earth is at least distance from sun on" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices 3rd january, 18th february, 2nd december, and 20th june for online college admission. Learn general knowledge for everyone questions and answers with free online certification courses for global knowledge quiz.

Quiz on General Knowledge Facts about Science Worksheet PDF Download eBook 20

General Knowledge Facts about Science

MCQ: The Earth is at the least distance from the sun on

  1. 18th February
  2. 3rd January
  3. 2nd December
  4. 20th June


General Knowledge Solved MCQs with Answers

MCQ: On globe, the latitudes and longitudes intersect each other at

  1. 30 degree
  2. 60 degree
  3. 90 degree
  4. 120 degree


Online Learning with General Knowledge Quizzes

MCQ: Laparoscopy is used in

  1. satellites
  2. heart treatment
  3. kidney transplant
  4. gynecological operation


General Knowledge Current Affairs

MCQ: Electric lamp was discovered by

  1. Humphrey Davy
  2. James Prescott joule
  3. Humphry Davy
  4. Stephen King


General Knowledge Facts about Human Body

MCQ: Who discovered the Cotton gin?

  1. James Prescott joule
  2. Eii Whitney
  3. James Prescott joule
  4. Humphry Davy