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FAQ: Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers p. 38

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Practice "Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers" quiz PDF to solve mathematics courses test 38 for gre mathematics certification. Basic mathematics objective questions and answers to solve engg math quiz with answers for university entrance exam.

"Integral which has actual values to calculate between is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices absolute integral, definite integral, indefinite integral, and unit integral for job placement test. Learn vector integral calculus questions and answers with free online certification courses for top engineering universities.

Quiz on Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers Worksheet 38

Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers

MCQ: Integral which has actual values to calculate between is called

  1. definite integral
  2. absolute integral
  3. indefinite integral
  4. unit integral


Engineering Exam Trivia Quizzes for Engineering Jobs

MCQ: The Taylor series for any polynomial is the

  1. complex number
  2. exponential number
  3. logarithmic number
  4. polynomial itself


Higher Level Mathematics Practice Problems with Solutions

MCQ: Series obtained from cosine and sine system is called

  1. power series
  2. laplacian series
  3. trigonometric series
  4. velocity series


Advanced Engineering Mathematics Exam Questions

MCQ: Special set of scalars associated with a linear system of equations that are sometimes also known as characteristic roots, characteristic values are termed as

  1. critical values
  2. eigenvalues
  3. matrix values
  4. pin values


Laplace Transform Practice Exam Questions

MCQ: If inverse Laplace transform takes a function of frequency it yields a function of

  1. velocity
  2. time
  3. distance
  4. acceleration