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Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers

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Solve "Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers" MCQ PDF to practice engg math quiz answers, competency based interview questions for online computer science degree programs. Engg Math frequently asked questions bank has Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with answers to prepare for career tests.

"Integration of 2x will be" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice basic mathematics objective questions and answers with choices 2x<sup>2</sup>, x<sup>2</sup>/2, x<sup>2</sup>, and x<sup>2</sup>+1 for online engineering graduate colleges. Study engg math interview questions to learn online FAQ: Basic mathematics objective questions and answers with MCQ bank for global knowledge quiz.

FAQ: Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers

MCQ: Integration of 2x will be

  1. 2x<sup>2</sup>
  2. x<sup>2</sup>/2
  3. x<sup>2</sup>
  4. x<sup>2</sup>+1


MCQ: Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz independently discovered calculus in the mid

  1. 16th century
  2. 17th century
  3. 18th century
  4. 19th century


MCQ: Function on which we want to find the integral of is called

  1. slice
  2. integrand
  3. multiplicand
  4. cell


MCQ: Integral is always taken over

  1. open boundary regions
  2. closed boundary regions
  3. derivatives
  4. Laplace transforms


MCQ: Integral which has actual values to calculate between is called

  1. definite integral
  2. absolute integral
  3. indefinite integral
  4. unit integral