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Pressure Temperature and RMS Speed Quiz Questions Online p. 91

Learn Pressure Temperature and RMS Speed quiz questions and answers, pressure temperature and rms speed MCQ with answers PDF 91 to learn Engineering Physics online course. Kinetic Energy trivia questions, Pressure Temperature and RMS Speed Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Pressure, Temperature and RMS Speed Quiz" PDF Book: sun,earth and moon, heat of vaporization of common substances, newton second law, melting points, pressure, temperature and rms speed test prep for online associate degree in engineering.

"RMS speed of Hydrogen gas is" MCQ PDF: 1370 m/s, 1920 m/s, 645 m/s, and 517 m/s for job assessment test. Study kinetic energy questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for grad school interview questions.

Quiz on Pressure Temperature and RMS Speed MCQs

MCQ: RMS speed of Hydrogen gas is

1920 m/s
1370 m/s
645 m/s
517 m/s

MCQ: 1357°C is melting point of


MCQ: Weight of a body is equals to the magnitude of

gravitational force on body
centripetal force on body
angular force on body
elliptical force on body

MCQ: 455 kJ/Kg is the heat of vaporization of


MCQ: Mean density of Moon is

3340 kg/m3
2320 kg/m3
1410 kg/m3
5520 kg/m3