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Sun,Earth and Moon MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 92

Solve Sun,Earth and Moon multiple choice questions and answers PDF, sun,earth and moon quiz answers to learn engineering physics worksheet 92 for online certification. Practice Astronomical Data quiz with answers, sun,earth and moon Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Free sun,earth and moon MCQs, mean distance from sun to planets, si derived units, applied physics introduction, length and time, sun,earth and moon test prep for best online colleges.

"Mean radius of Earth is", sun,earth and moon Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices 6.96x108 m, 6.96x1018 m, 6.37x106 m, and 1.74x106 m for job assessment test.

Sun,Earth and Moon Questions and Answers PDF Download 92

Sun,Earth and Moon Quiz

MCQ: Mean radius of Earth is

  1. 6.96x1018 m
  2. 6.96x108 m
  3. 6.37x106 m
  4. 1.74x106 m


Length and Time Quiz

MCQ: Plank time is equals to

  1. 1024
  2. 10-43
  3. 10-16
  4. 10-15


Applied Physics Introduction Quiz

MCQ: Einstein?s theory of relativity revolutionized the traditional concepts of space, time, and

  1. volume
  2. area
  3. energy
  4. axis


SI Derived Units Quiz

MCQ: Radian per second is unit of

  1. linear velocity
  2. angular velocity
  3. angular acceleration
  4. power


Mean Distance from Sun to Planets Quiz

MCQ: Pluto's period of revolution is

  1. 165 y
  2. 248 y
  3. 29.5 y
  4. 11.9 y