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Planck Constant MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 29

Solve Planck Constant multiple choice questions and answers PDF, planck constant quiz answers to learn engineering physics worksheet 29 for online certification. Practice Fundamental Constants of Physics quiz with answers, planck constant Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Free planck constant MCQs, ultimate and yield strength of selected materials of engineering interest, momentum and kinetic energy in collisions, boron, coefficients of thermal expansion, planck constant test prep for job placement test.

"Physical constant that is the quantum of action, central in quantum mechanics, is called", planck constant Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices permeability constant, permittivity constant, planck constant, and stefan-boltzman constant for college entrance test.

Planck Constant Questions and Answers PDF Download 29

Planck Constant Quiz

MCQ: Physical constant that is the quantum of action, central in quantum mechanics, is called

  1. permittivity Constant
  2. Permeability Constant
  3. Planck Constant
  4. Stefan-Boltzman Constant


Coefficients of Thermal Expansion Quiz

MCQ: Coefficient of thermal expansion of fused quartz is

  1. 1.2x10-6/C°
  2. 51x10-6/C°
  3. 0.5x10-6/C°
  4. 0.7x10-6/C°


Boron Quiz

MCQ: Atomic number of Boron is

  1. 5
  2. 23
  3. 25
  4. 100


Momentum and Kinetic Energy in Collisions Quiz

MCQ: Collision of baseball and bat is

  1. elastic
  2. inelastic
  3. zero
  4. undefined


Ultimate and Yield Strength of Selected Materials of Engineering Interest Quiz

MCQ: Ultimate strength of Douglas fir wood is

  1. 110x106 N/m2
  2. 10x106 N/m2
  3. 40x106 N/m2
  4. 50x106 N/m2