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Types of Images Quiz MCQ Online p. 30

Practice Types of Images quiz questions and answers PDF, types of images trivia questions 30 to learn online Engineering Physics course for online classes. Geometric Optics MCQ questions, Types of Images Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Types of Images Quiz" PDF eBook: density, boiling points, x-ray diffraction, heat of transformation, types of images test prep for graduate school interview questions.

"Image in a mirror is example of" MCQ PDF: real image, virtual image, angular image, and convergence image for college entrance examination. Solve geometric optics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for job placement test.

Trivia Quiz on Types of Images MCQs

MCQ: Image in a mirror is example of

virtual image
real image
angular image
convergence image

MCQ: Melting point of Copper is

273 K
1235 K
1356 K
601 K

MCQ: In Bragg's Law, angle of incident and reflection is called

Bragg's angle
Manchest angle
Dual angle
Newton;s angle

MCQ: 2000°C is boiling point of


MCQ: Core of white dwarf star has density of

1.4x103 kg/m3
1.6x105 kg/m3
1x1010 kg/m3
2.8x103 kg/m3