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Acceleration Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 253

The e-Book Acceleration Quiz Questions, acceleration quiz answers PDF download chapter 32-253 to study online physics degree courses. Practice Straight Line Motion MCQ with answers PDF, Acceleration Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Acceleration Quiz App Download: Free learning app for density, newton first law, kepler law of periods for solar system, x-ray diffraction, acceleration test prep for university entrance exam.

The Quiz Acceleration in differential form can be expressed as: a=dv/dt, a=dvdt, a=dt/dv and adv=dt with "Acceleration" App Download (Free) for online school programs. Solve straight line motion questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for engineering graduate colleges.

Acceleration Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 253

MCQ 1261: Acceleration in differential form can be expressed as

A) a=dvdt
B) a=dv/dt
C) a=dt/dv
D) adv=dt

MCQ 1262: Wavelength of 500 nm is equals to

A) 5.5x107 m
B) 5.5x10-7 m
C) 5.5x10-17 m
D) 5.5x1017 m

MCQ 1263: Ratio T2/a3 for Jupiter is equals to

A) 3.01x10-34 y2/m3
B) 2.96x10-34 y2/m3
C) 2.99x10-34 y2/m3
D) 2.98x10-34 y2/m3

MCQ 1264: A body will keep moving with a constant velocity, if

A) no force acts on it
B) external force acts on it
C) centripetal force acts on it
D) acceleration is variable

MCQ 1265: 0.917x103 kg/m3 is density of

A) whole blood
B) styrofoam
C) Interstellar space
D) ice

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