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Planet Densities Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 157

Free Planet Densities Quiz Questions and Answers PDF (Planet Densities Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 2-157 to prepare Engineering Physics Practice Tests. Solve Astronomical Data MCQ with answers PDF, Planet Densities Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Planet Densities Quiz App: Download free learning app for substance specific heat in calories, tension, gratings: dispersion and resolving power, eccentricity of orbit, planet densities test prep for job assessment test.

The Quiz: Density of Mercury is; "Planet Densities" App Download (Free) with answers ‘5243 kg/m3’, ‘5427 kg/m3’, ‘3933 kg/m3’ and ‘687 kg/m3’ to study engineering degree courses. Learn Astronomical Data Questions and Answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for job placement test.

Planet Densities Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 157

MCQ 781:

Density of Mercury is

  1. 5427 kg/m3
  2. 5243 kg/m3
  3. 3933 kg/m3
  4. 687 kg/m3
MCQ 782:

Eccentricity of Venus is

  1. 0.303
  2. 0.0068
  3. 0.0485
  4. 0.0934
MCQ 783:

Diffraction can create rainbow colors when illuminated by

  1. wide spectrum light source
  2. narrow spectrum light source
  3. laser spectrum light source
  4. single beam spectrum light source
MCQ 784:

Tension is always measured in

  1. Newtons
  2. Amperes
  3. Dynes
  4. Joules
MCQ 785:

0.0305 cal/g.K is specific heat of

  1. Lead
  2. Tungsten
  3. Silver
  4. Copper

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