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Distance from Earth Quiz Questions Online p. 118

Learn Distance from Earth quiz questions and answers, distance from earth MCQ with answers PDF 118 to learn Engineering Physics online course. Astronomical Data trivia questions, Distance from Earth Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Distance from Earth Quiz" PDF Book: postulates, newtonian mechanics, inclination of planet axis to orbit, international system of units, distance from earth test prep for employment assessment test.

"Mean distance from the earth to the Sun is" MCQ PDF: 3.82x108 m, 2.2x1020 m, 1.50x1011 m, and 4.04x1016 m for college entrance exams. Study astronomical data questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free career quiz.

Quiz on Distance from Earth MCQs

MCQ: Mean distance from the earth to the Sun is

2.2x1020 m
3.82x108 m
1.50x1011 m
4.04x1016 m

MCQ: 109 factor has prefix


MCQ: A satellite that orbits directly above the equator has

zero inclination
one inclination
infinite inclination
random inclination

MCQ: Study of relation between a force and acceleration it causes, is termed as

Newtonian Mechanics
Newtonian Electronics
Euclidian Mechanics
Euclidian Physics

MCQ: Postulate which states that law of physics are same for observers in all inertial reference frames and no frames are proffered over any other is

Speed of Light Postulate
Relativity Postulate
Direct Ray Postulate
X-ray Postulate