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Learn Coulomb Law multiple choice questions and answers, Coulomb Law quiz answers PDF to learn engineering physics test 1 for online courses. Electric Charge MCQs, Coulomb Law Trivia Questions and answers for placement and to prepare for job interview. "Coulomb Law MCQ" PDF Book: electric charge, conductors and insulators, charge is quantized career test for online engineering associate's degree.

"Electric charges with opposite electrical sign" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on coulomb law with choices attract each other, repel each other, does not affect each other, and have random movement to learn free online courses. Practice electric charge quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for jobs' assessment test and online courses for online colleges enrolling.

MCQs on Coulomb Law Quiz

MCQ: Electric charges with opposite electrical sign

repel each other
attract each other
does not affect each other
have random movement

MCQ: Diameter of carrier bead from photocopying machine is about

0.3 mm
2 mm
1.5 mm
0.05 mm

MCQ: SI unit of charge is


MCQ: Elementary charge has approximate value of

1.602x1019 C
1.602x10-19 C
1.602x10-9 C
1.602x109 C

MCQ: Materials that are intermediate between conductors and insulators are called

none of above

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