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Constant Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PDF Download

The Constant Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers PDF, Constant MCQ PDF e-Book download to practice Engineering Mathematics Tests. Study Derivation Rules Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Constant quiz answers PDF for online graduate programs. The Constant MCQ App Download: Free learning app for constant, logarithm, trignometry, transcendental number test prep for employment assessment test.

The MCQ: In ∂/∂x (uv), where u and v are constants, is equals to; "Constant" App Download (Free) with answers: U∂v/∂x+v∂u/∂x; U∂u/∂x+v∂v/∂x; Uv∂/∂x+∂u/∂x (uv); Uv∂/∂x; for online graduate programs. Practice Constant Quiz Questions, download Apple e-Book (Free Sample) for job assessment test.

Constant MCQs: Questions and Answers PDF Download

MCQ 1:

When c is a constant then ∂/∂x(c)=

  1. 1
  2. 0
  3. 10
MCQ 2:

In ∂/∂x (uv), where u and v are constants, is equals to

  1. u∂v/∂x+v∂u/∂x
  2. u∂u/∂x+v∂v/∂x
  3. uv∂/∂x+∂u/∂x (uv)
  4. uv∂/∂x
MCQ 3:

When ∊ is a constant then ∂/∂x(∊x)=

  1. ∊x
  2. x
  3. ∊x2
MCQ 4:

Derivative of constant is always

  1. 1
  2. 0
  3. 10
MCQ 5:

Derivative of 'Hy' where H is constant will be

  1. Hy
  2. Hx
  3. xy
  4. H

Engineering Mathematics Practice Tests

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