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Harmonic Motion MCQ with Answers PDF Download

Learn Harmonic Motion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Harmonic Motion quiz answers PDF to learn engineering physics course for engineering physics online classes. Simple Harmonic Motion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Harmonic Motion quiz questions for free career quiz. Harmonic Motion Book PDF: pendulums, harmonic motion test prep to apply to colleges online.

"In Simple harmonic motions, acceleration is proportional to" MCQ PDF: harmonic motion App APK with displacement, time, altitude, and unit vector choices for free career quiz. Study harmonic motion quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online colleges enrolling.

MCQ on Harmonic Motion Quiz

MCQ: In Simple harmonic motions, acceleration is proportional to

unit vector

MCQ: Number of oscillations that are completed in each second is


MCQ: Measure of the change undergone by amplitude and phase of the wave as it propagates in a given direction is called

phase constant
altitude constant
amplitude constant
transnational constant

MCQ: Periodic motion is also known as

harmonic motion
synchronous motion
asynchronous motion
continuous motion

MCQ: Scalar measure of rotation rate is

angular acceleration
angular frequency
angular displacement
transnational acceleration