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Variable Quiz Questions with Answers PDF - 59

The e-Book Variable Quiz Questions and Answers, variable Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 1-59 to study online mathematics degree programs. Solve Derivation Rules MCQ Questions PDF, Variable Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Variable Trivia App Download: Free learning app for laplace transform introduction, logarithm, concepts of solution, existence and uniqueness of laplace transforms, variable test prep for high school entrance exam.

The Quiz In ∂x(un),where un is variable with order n, is equals to: nun-1∂u/∂x, nun-1∂/∂x, nun∂u⁄∂x and 0 with "Variable" App Download (Android & iOS) Free for online college classes. Study derivation rules questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for grad school interview questions.

Variable Trivia Questions PDF Download: Quiz 59

MCQ 291: In ∂x(un),where un is variable with order n, is equals to

A) nun-1∂/∂x
B) nun-1∂u/∂x
C) nun∂u⁄∂x
D) 0

MCQ 292: A function has a Laplace transform if

A) t < 0
B) t>0
C) t ≤ 0
D) t≥ 0

MCQ 293: Interval [a,a]={a} is classified as

A) degenerate
B) bounded
C) empty
D) unbound

MCQ 294: Derivation of ln (3x-4)2 is

A) 6/(3x-4)
B) 4/(3x-4)
C) 7/(3x-4)
D) 6/(3x+4)

MCQ 295: Laplace transform of function f(t)=t3 where t ≥ 0 is

A) 1/s2
B) 2!/s3
C) 3!/s3
D) 3!/s4

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