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Ordinary Derivatives Notations Test Questions PDF - 28

The Book Ordinary Derivatives Notations Test Questions PDF, ordinary derivatives notations quiz answers PDF, download chapter 3-28 to learn online engineering mathematics course. Solve Introduction to Differential Equations Test PDF, Ordinary Derivatives Notations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Ordinary Derivatives Notations Trivia App Download: solve ode by laplace transform, logarithm, ordinary derivatives notations test prep for online engineering graduate colleges.

The Test: Fourth derivative in prime notation is written as PDF, Ordinary Derivatives Notations App APK Download with y''', y'', y'''', and y(4) choices for online high school college acceptance. Study introduction to differential equations questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online engineering programs.

Mathematics: Ordinary Derivatives Notations MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Fourth derivative in prime notation is written as

A) y''
B) y'''
C) y''''
D) y(4)

MCQ: Ev ln u ∂⁄∂x v ln u=

A) vun-1∂⁄∂x +u ln u∂⁄∂x
B) vun-1∂u⁄∂x +u ln u ∂v⁄∂x
C) vun∂⁄∂x +u ln u∂⁄∂x
D) vun∂u⁄∂x +u ln u ∂v⁄∂x

MCQ: When ODE is transformed into algebraic equation, resultant equation is called

A) real equation
B) primary equation
C) subsidiary equation
D) diary equation

MCQ: Generally, Half life of radiocarbon content is about

A) 2000 years
B) 3200 years
C) 5300 years
D) 6500 years

MCQ: ∂x ln 2/x=

A) 1/x
B) 2/x
C) −1/x
D) −2/x

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