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BSIM Family Quiz PDF: Questions and Answers - 7

The BSIM Family Trivia Questions and Answers PDF, BSIM Family Quiz Answers PDF Download e-Book Ch. 2-7 to study integrated circuits online courses. Study MOSFETs Quiz Questions PDF, bsim family Multiple Choice Questions to study online courses. The BSIM Family Trivia App Download: Free learning app for carrier drift, spice, digital and analog signal, structure and physical operation, bsim family test prep for online college admission.

The Quiz: Mobility depends on; "BSIM Family" App (iOS & Android) with answers: Substrate doping concentration; Substrate undoping concentration; Source doping concentration; Source undoping concentration; for online college admission. Practice mosfets questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for college admission test.

BSIM Family Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 7

MCQ 31:

Mobility depends on the

  1. substrate undoping concentration
  2. substrate doping concentration
  3. source doping concentration
  4. source undoping concentration
MCQ 32:

When bias voltage is applied to gate two back to back diodes formed, one diode is formed by the PN junction between n+ drain region and

  1. n-type substrate
  2. p-type substrate
  3. insulating substrate
  4. conducting substrate
MCQ 33:

A digital signal is easily represented by a computer because each sample can be defined with a series of bits that are either in the state

  1. 1 or 0
  2. 0 or 10
  3. 1 or 100
  4. 1 or 5
MCQ 34:

In SPICE, a sequence of nonlinear operating points calculated while sweeping an input voltage or current, or a circuit parameter analysis is

  1. AC analysis
  2. DC analysis
  3. DC transfer curve analysis
  4. Noise analysis
MCQ 35:

Holes velocity is represented as

  1. µE
  2. −µE
  3. µ+E
  4. µ-E

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