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LASER Diode MCQ Questions with Answers PDF | Download eBooks

LASER Diode Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve laser diode quiz answers PDF worksheet, electronic devices test for online courses. Practice special purpose diodes Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "LASER Diode Quiz" questions and answers for job placement test. Learn varactor diodes, schotky diodes, laser diode, zener power dissipation and derating test prep for online engineering programs.

"Light which has one single wavelength is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on laser diode with choices coherent, incoherent, neutral, and emitter for job placement test. Solve laser diode quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online engineering associate's degree.

MCQs on LASER Diode PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Light which has one single wavelength is called

  1. coherent
  2. incoherent
  3. neutral
  4. emitter


MCQ: active region of the laser diode is present in

  1. n region
  2. intrinsic region
  3. p region
  4. conduction region


MCQ: Laser diode has

  1. coherent light
  2. incoherent light
  3. radio light
  4. microwave light


MCQ: First LASER diode was operated in

  1. 1950s
  2. 1960s
  3. 1970s
  4. 1980s


MCQ: Light which has a wide band of wavelength is called

  1. coherent
  2. incoherent
  3. infrared
  4. microwave