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Gallium Arsenide Basics Worksheet with Answers PDF | Download eBooks - 36

Learn Gallium arsenide basics worksheet with answers PDF, gallium arsenide basics MCQ with answers to solve digital electronics worksheet 36 for online engineering courses. Practice Gallium Arsenide Digital Circuits trivia questions and answers, gallium arsenide basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve digital electronics test with answers for online electronics engineering degree. Free gallium arsenide basics MCQs, complex gate, digital and analog signal, cmos static operation, counter, gallium arsenide basics test prep for questions to ask during an interview.

"High power dissipation per gate in GaAs is", gallium arsenide basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices 0.1-1 mw, 0.01-1 mw, 1-10 mw, and 10-100 mw for online colleges enrolling. Learn gallium arsenide digital circuits questions and answers with free online certification courses for online engineering colleges.

Trivia Quiz on Gallium Arsenide Basics PDF Download eBook 36

Gallium Arsenide Basics Quiz

MCQ: High power dissipation per gate in GaAs is

  1. 0.01-1 mW
  2. 0.1-1 mW
  3. 1-10 mW
  4. 10-100 mW


Counter Quiz

MCQ: Modulo 6 counter can be built using a three-element

  1. shift register
  2. bus
  3. flip flop
  4. trigger


CMOS Static Operation Quiz

MCQ: 1 siemens =

  1. 1 ampere volt
  2. 1 ampere per volt
  3. 1 ampere per square volt
  4. 1 ampere per meter


Digital & Analog Signal Quiz

MCQ: Circuits that manipulate analog signals for its particular operation is termed as

  1. Analog electronics
  2. Digital electronics
  3. DC electronics
  4. AC electronics


Complex Gate Quiz

MCQ: By De Morgan's Law Y=bar(A)+bar(B+CD) is equals to

  1. bar(A)bar(B+CD)
  2. bar(A)+bar(B)(CD)
  3. bar(A)+bar(B)bar(CD)
  4. bar(A)bar(B)bar(CD)