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Transistor Characteristics & Parameters MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Transistor Characteristics and Parameters Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Transistor Characteristics and Parameters quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, digital electronics tests. Study Bipolar Junction Transistors Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Transistor Characteristics & Parameters quiz questions for online engineering associate's degree programs. The eBook Transistor Characteristics & Parameters MCQ App Download: collector characteristic curves, transistors and switches, transistor characteristics and parameters test prep for college admission test.

The MCQ: βDC= PDF, "Transistor Characteristics & Parameters MCQ" App Download (Free) with αdc/1+αdc, 1-αdc/1+αdc, αdc/1-αdc, and 1+αdc/1-αdc choices for online engineering associate's degree programs. Practice transistor characteristics & parameters quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online engineering graduate schools.

Digital Electronics: Transistor Characteristics & Parameters MCQs PDF Download


A) αDC/1+αDC
B) 1-αDC/1+αDC
C) αDC/1-αDC
D) 1+αDC/1-αDC

MCQ: In pnp transistor, small current leaving the base is amplified in the

A) collector output
B) collector input
C) emitter output
D) base input

MCQ: βDC ranges from less than

A) 20
B) 30
C) 40
D) 50

MCQ: In cutoff region, transistor behaves like open switch between

A) collector and base
B) base and emitter
C) collector and emitter
D) base and ground

MCQ: Ratio of DC collector current and DC emitter current is called

A) βEC
B) βDC
C) αEC
D) αDC

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