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Transistor as Amplifier MCQs Quiz Online PDF | Download eBooks

Solve Transistor as Amplifier Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), transistor as amplifier quiz answers PDF worksheet, digital electronics practice test for online degree programs. Learn bipolar junction transistors Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Transistor as Amplifier Quiz" questions and answers for free career quiz. Learn basic transistor operation, transistors and switches, transistor characteristics and parameters, collector characteristic curves test prep for job placement test.

"Process of linearly increasing the amplitude of an electrical signal is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on transistor as amplifier with choices switching, amplification, multiplexing, and fabrication for free career quiz. Practice transistor as amplifier quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online engineering graduate colleges.

MCQs on Transistor as Amplifier PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Process of linearly increasing the amplitude of an electrical signal is called

  1. switching
  2. amplification
  3. multiplexing
  4. fabrication


MCQ: Amplifier with internal emitter resistance of 20Ω and external collector resistance of 1200Ω has voltage gain of

  1. 600
  2. 60
  3. 60 Ω
  4. 600 Ω


MCQ: The first practical device that could amplify was the

  1. triode vacuum tube
  2. diode
  3. flip flop
  4. biode vacuum tube


MCQ: The ratio of output to input is called

  1. gain
  2. pulse
  3. feedback
  4. noise


MCQ: AC output of the amplifier, when collector resistance is 2.0kΩ with internal emitter resistance of 30Ω, is

  1. 2 V rms
  2. 4 V rms
  3. 6 V rms
  4. 8 V rms