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Learn Gallium Arsenide Basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Gallium Arsenide Basics quiz answers PDF to study digital electronics online course for digital electronics classes. Gallium Arsenide Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Gallium Arsenide Basics quiz questions for job placement test. "Gallium Arsenide Basics MCQ" PDF Book: dcfl disadvantages, buffered fet logic, logic gates using mesfets, mesfets functional architecture test prep for online engineering programs.

"High power dissipation per gate in GaAs is" MCQ PDF: gallium arsenide basics with choices 0.01-1 mw, 0.1-1 mw, 1-10 mw, and 10-100 mw for job placement test. Study gallium arsenide basics quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for university entrance exam.

MCQs on Gallium Arsenide Basics Quiz

MCQ: High power dissipation per gate in GaAs is

0.01-1 mW
0.1-1 mW
1-10 mW
10-100 mW

MCQ: Major disadvantage of GaAs is

high speed of operation
low speed of operation
high power dissipation
low power dissipation

MCQ: In GaAs, high power dissipation per gate is due to

large packing density
small packing density
infinite packing density
no packing density

MCQ: The major advantage of GaAs is

high speed of operation
low speed of operation
high supply voltage
low supply voltage

MCQ: Low packing density is available in