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Basic Transistor Operation Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 184

Basic Transistor Operation quiz questions and answers, basic transistor operation MCQ with answers PDF 184 to solve Digital Electronics mock tests for online college programs. Learn Bipolar Junction Transistors trivia questions, basic transistor operation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Basic Transistor Operation Interview Questions PDF: mask programmable roms, combinational and sequential logic circuits, diode transistor logic (dtl), low power schottky ttl, basic transistor operation test prep for online colleges enrolling.

"To operate BJT as an amplifier, the base-emitter junction of BJT must be" MCQ PDF with choices forward biased, reverse biased, at zero potential, and none of others for top engineering universities. Practice bipolar junction transistors questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online high school and college acceptance.

Quiz on Basic Transistor Operation MCQs

MCQ: To operate BJT as an amplifier, the base-emitter junction of BJT must be

reverse biased
forward biased
at zero potential
none of others

MCQ: Schottky TTL has

zero propagation delay
low propagation delay
high propagation delay
infinite propagation delay

MCQ: IBM called the DTL logic as


MCQ: A bistable circuit can remain in either state indefinitely and thus belongs to a category of

static sequential circuits
dynamic sequential circuits
static combinational circuits
dynamic combinational circuits

MCQ: Mask programming is only used to manufacture

Read only semiconductors
Write only semiconductors
R/W semiconductors
R/W conductors