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MOS Power Delay Product MCQ with Answers PDF

MOS Power Delay Product Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), MOS Power Delay Product quiz answers PDF with digital electronics live worksheets for online degrees. Solve mos digital circuits Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), MOS Power Delay Product quiz questions for college entrance examination. MOS Power Delay Product MCQ PDF: types of logic families, bicmos inverter test prep to enroll in online colleges.

"If switching energy of circuit is 6J and propagation delay is 2s than power dissipated in inverter will be" MCQ PDF on mos power delay product with choices 1 watt, 2 watt, 3 watt, and 4 watt for college entrance examination. Solve mos power delay product quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for free career test.

MCQs on MOS Power Delay Product Quiz

MCQ: If switching energy of circuit is 6J and propagation delay is 2s than power dissipated in inverter will be

1 watt
2 watt
3 watt
4 watt

MCQ: Power delay product is also known as

unloaded energy
loaded energy
switching energy
static energy

MCQ: Power delay product has unit of

no unit

MCQ: If switching energy of circuit is 10J and power dissipated in a circuit will be 5 watt than propagation delay of inverter will be

1 s
2 s
3 s
4 s

MCQ: If power dissipation of circuit is 2 watt and propagation delay is 5s than power delay product will be


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