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Encoder Basics MCQ with Answers PDF

Encoder Basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Encoder Basics quiz answers PDF with digital electronics live worksheets for online degrees. Solve encoders and decoders Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Encoder Basics quiz questions for questions to ask during an interview. Encoder Basics MCQ PDF: encoder applications, counter, decoder basics, encoder basics test prep for college entrance examination.

"Device which converts an input device state into a binary representation of ones or zeros is termed as" MCQ PDF on encoder basics with choices encoder, decoder, multiplexer, and data selecter for questions to ask during an interview. Solve encoder basics quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online colleges enrolling.

MCQs on Encoder Basics Quiz

MCQ: Device which converts an input device state into a binary representation of ones or zeros is termed as

data selecter

MCQ: In encoder, each position is to be encoded by a

unique binary sequence
same binary sequence
different digital combination
unique analog sequence

MCQ: Switch position 7 in encoder might be encoded as


MCQ: Transducer that converts information from one format or code to another, for the purposes of standardization, speed or compression is called

data selecter

MCQ: Rotary switch with 10 positions is used to input the numbers


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