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Unified Process Practice Test PDF Download - 9

Practice Unified Process mock test for exam, unified process MCQ with answers PDF to solve software engineering worksheet 9 for online past papers exam. Practice "Process Models" trivia questions and answers, unified process Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve software engineering test with answers for online information technology degree. Free unified process MCQs, MCQs, unified process models, incremental model, concurrent development model, process assessment, unified process test prep for CS certifications.

"Iterative, incremental model is proposed by", unified process Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices od, oo, up, and uml for information technology masters degree online. Learn process models questions and answers with free online certification courses for IT certifications.

Trivia Quiz on Unified Process PDF Download 9

Unified Process Quiz

MCQ: Iterative, incremental model is proposed by

  1. OO
  2. OD
  3. UP
  4. UML


Process Assessment Quiz

MCQ: CBA IPI provides a diagnostic technique for assessing the relative maturity of a software organization, using

  1. SEI CMM
  3. SEI PM
  4. ISO 9001:2000


Concurrent Development Model Quiz

MCQ: In Concurrent Development Model, when end user` indicates the changes in requirements must be made, the modeling activity moves from the under development state into the

  1. awaiting changes state
  2. under development state
  3. done state
  4. none state


Incremental Model Quiz

MCQ: When incremental model is used, first increment is often a

  1. core product
  2. context product
  3. last product
  4. incremental product


Unified Process Models Quiz

MCQ: Model which identifies design classes, subsystems and interfaces between them is

  1. analysis model
  2. design model
  3. implementation model
  4. use case model