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Waterfall Model MCQ questions and answers, waterfall model worksheets with answers PDF 60 to practice Software Engineering exam questions for online classes. Practice Process Models MCQ questions, waterfall model Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Waterfall Model Quizzes PDF: work product, capability maturity model integration, waterfall model test prep for CS certifications.

"Waterfall model were originally proposed by" MCQ PDF with choices david vaskevitch, winston royce, watt humphrey, and manny lehman for computer software engineer online degree. Learn process models questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for IT certifications.

Trivia Quiz on Waterfall Model MCQs

MCQ: Waterfall model were originally proposed by

Winston Royce
David Vaskevitch
Watt Humphrey
Manny Lehman

MCQ: CMMI stands for

Capability Maturity Melt Integration
Consumed Maturity Model Integration
Capability Maturity Model Integration
Capability Maturity Model Increment

MCQ: From user's point of view, resultant information that somehow makes the user's world better is termed as

work product
user product
programmer product

MCQ: Waterfall model phase in which system design is prepared and this system design helps in specifying system requirements and define the overall system architecture is


MCQ: SCAMPI stands for

Standard CMMI Assessment Method for Process Improvement
Standard CMM Assessment Method for Process Internal
Standard PMMI Asign Method for Process Improvement
Standard CMMI Agreement Method for Process Improvement

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